Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Go around again dogs!

Stephen was reading Go, Dog. Go! to me. My second favorite line was the dog on the ferris wheel saying, "Go around again!". Then he put me down from his lap.

Sometimes, I get an energy surge and start jumping around, or try to get a tasty bite of a shoe or the bottom of a pants leg. I have to be careful, too much and I am back in the clink, I mean crate.

That's what happened, I went after Stephen's shoe, but he just started spinning his office chair. I ran as fast as I could, but could not catch that shoe, eventually I got tired and lay me down to sleep. Stephen said, "Go around again!" I just looked at him with tired eyes. So he picked me back up, Kathy came in and saw us and snapped a picture with Stephen's phone.

Kathy told me that when Stephen used to work at Fredericksburg pottery, all the potters worked from office chairs. They would roll over to get a lump of clay, center it, (kind of tricky when your chair has wheels), when they finished with the pot, roll over to put it on the drying rack. "No fair", I thought, "Stephen has had a lot of practice with those chairs".

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