Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sniffing Monty in Real Life

Leadin is cool, email is cool, but if you really want to get to know a puppy, there is no substitute for meeting in real life.

Kathy signed Stephen up to prepare some kibbles to take to Tim and Sue. I know he made a MEATloaf, but didn't share it with me. I smelled the lemony seafood stew, I haven't experienced all the benthic organisms, but I know salmon. My training treats are salmon. But they didn't share it with me.

But all is forgiven. I got to meet Monty today. We romped and played and puppy wrestled. After I got home I was exhausted. I slept for two hours, which is much longer than three seconds. Monty was a bit winded as well, but he was content to watch some television. He says he has learned a few human words. It is almost as good as Bitesetta Stone language software and you don't have the hassles of endless upgrades and licensing issues.

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