Monday, April 27, 2015

Ellis Cove Trail and the Epic Fail

Today was really pretty and Stephen and Kathy decided to take leave and go to a nice place.  Trey drove the moving crate and pretty quickly we were in Olympia.

There were some great smells and I met some really wonderful canines. Unfortunately, the first that I met, three seconds passed before I wrote down his name and I forgot. Maybe his pack will see this post and tell me in a comment. He was nice though.

We walked a bit further down the trail. Because I am a large breed, the vet and my breeder told Stephen and Kathy not to let me go down stairs. That is the epic fail, the whole trail is stairs. I LOVED it! One one section of the trail there was a bit of sunlight and Kathy took a picture of Stephen and me.

We went a bit farther and I met Baylor and Nayla. They were a bit bigger than me, but they were awesome dogs.

On the way back I saw a bear climbing a tree. Well, maybe he was climbing. I think he was scared of me, because he was totally still. 

The plan had been to end the day with a dog friendly restaurant, but they were closed on Mondays. We tried to find another, but according to a waiter in a restaurant with outdoor tables, dogs are not allowed in restaurants in Thurston county.

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