Friday, April 10, 2015

PeeMail from Indy

Yogi, you are sooooo cute.  Thanks for keeping us updated!  Here are two of me. My name is Indy.  I am doing so well.  Mike, Liz and Max say I am almost ready for my live in period with the trainer, (what's a live in period?).

It's only two weeks, but not sure what I will do without my pack.  Mike says he has have never seen a dog so keen on toys.  Frisbee is my absolute favorite, followed by anything made by ChuckIt!

Where was I, its been more than three seconds and I can't remember? Oh yes, pictures of me. We had just had an awesome walk on the beach on the east coast of Marrowstone Island.  The second is from a dinghy ride in Port Ludlow.

Well Yogi, let's keep in touch and I am looking forward to sniffing you in real life, (SIRL for the social media challenged readers).

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