Saturday, April 18, 2015

Victor falls - Youth pastors killed

The best route from our lair to the falls was Angeline Dr. That reminded me of the
Young family that was killed as they drove under an overpass that was undergoing construction. Josh and Vanessa Ellis were youth pastors at the EastPointe Foursquare Church in Puyallup, near Bonney Lake. They held a candlelight vigil and invited the first responders. Some of the youth got together and did a chalk art memorial.

I am not sure why they call it Victor falls. Stephen and Kathy said there was 70' of water falling like a really big shower, but I was to short to see over the cliff. They say it as series of falls, first three small ones then a big one. Maybe when Trey comes to visit he can help me get down to see it, I want to see the big shower.

There were a lot of new smells including a flower I had never smelled before. Kathy told me it was a Trillium and she had never seen one in the wild before. What is the wild?

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