Saturday, April 18, 2015

Puppygarten IV and Puppy Playtime

Today we went to the Bonney Lake Petco for Puppygarten. We reviewed Stand and then had some more practice with Wait, then introduced Lay Down, (or Lay), and Come. I am good at Come, but I having trouble with Lay Down. For all my life with Stephen and Kathy, my best move to get a treat was a Sit. For commands, two of them new, was a lot for my 13 week old brain. When class was over, I took a nap in my mobile crate while Stephen and Kathy got lunch at Red Robin.

Then we went back for Puppy Playtime, I was so woozy when they got me out of my mobile crate, I just wanted to lay down in the parking lot. When we got into Petco, I met Moto, (short for motorcross because that is how his pack rolls).

He seemed shy and he was very small at ten weeks old, but he was actually the fiercest puppy at Playtime. Mora can back from last week and Lucy from my class came for the first time. She has been very shy, but she came out and mingled in the second half of playtime.

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