Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CARL and the PUPPIES and a call from my breeder

Kathy was reading CARL and the PUPPIES to me when her phone rang. It was my breeder James McKee from King Rottweilers in Spokane. Kathy had her phone on speaker and I recognized his voice. Boy that brings me back. He wants me to take a DNA test. Is that like the AKC Canine Good Citizen I am studying for?

Then we got back to reading. Mama dog is very tired and needs a nap. Stephen heard that and cracked up, "Kathy and Stephen need a nap", he said. I cocked my head, why don't they just take naps when they are tired? I do it all the time.

Kathy reads, "Pete sees a butterfly. Polly likes flowers." See, I am not the only Ferdinand the puppy out there and Pete and Polly are famous.

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