Saturday, March 14, 2015

Coming to my forever home

March 13, 2015 Stephen and Kathy came to pick me up and take me to my forever home. I will miss my mom CH. Alica Se Ungo-Rot and my siblings, but this seems like a great adventure. Becca drove and I sat in the back of the truck to cuddle Stephen and Kathy; they seem to need a lot of cuddling.

It was a long drive, so I asked Becca to make lots of potty stops, it is important for me to look out for Stephen and Kathy.

When we got home, Becca left to attend a birthday party and we got some dinner. They fed me one kibble at a time, (we need to shape that behavior). With every kibble they would say, "Yogi, ready", then they would put the kibble in their right hand and I would eat it while they said, "this is Yogi's food".  Kinda dumb, but I played along. We all went to bed early since it was such a big day. They put my crate in their bedroom so I could keep an eye on them.

We got up several times that night so they could go potty, I even went outside to my bathroom a couple of times.

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