Thursday, March 19, 2015

Puppies Love Pumpkin

Hello, this blog post is being written by Stephen, I am filling in for Yogi since he does not feel well. He did not eat his food yesterday, possibly because he knows there is medicine in it. We called Timber Ridge Animal Hospital and they said to put the medicine in pumpkin, so we opened a can. Amazingly, Yogi's breeder called from King Rottweilers and he said the same thing.

So two votes for pumpkin and it worked, at least the first time. He was cuddly though, wanted to be on one of our laps all through the day.

Kathy had women's Bible study tonight and so it was me and the Yogster. I should have just put in a movie and cuddled him, instead I tried to work. It was essentially impossible. If I got close enough to the keyboard to type he would wake up and try to press a key or pull something off of my desk.

When Kathy came home, she took him to I could finish grading one last student paper for the evening.

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