Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ferdinand the Bull

Stephen and Kathy left tonight for a couple hours to have snacks with some of their friends from church and left me in the downstairs prison they call a crate. I voiced my displeasure, but I didn't go full power. Unfortunately, I got a bit worked up and suddenly there was pee in my crate just as they were leaving.

Stephen shook his head and quietly said to Kathy, "Ferdinand the bull". I wondered what he meant by that? What is a Ferdinand? What is a bull?

Later when they got back and finished giving me a shower I snuck a quick look at Wikipedia on Stephen's iPhone, (Kathy's iPhone is locked with a paw print reader). The story of Ferdinand is some book written before I was born, in fact it was written before my great grandfather Imperator Vom Haus Zschammer was born. Ferdinand was a bull that liked to smell flowers instead of bull fighting.

While Stephen was cleaning my crate he told me, "Yogster, I had you outside with me for an hour while I was weed whacking and you spent most of that time leaping and eating apple blossom flowers instead of doing your business. It will be easier on all of us if you get the idea."  What idea is he talking about and I am only nine weeks old, I can't run a business.

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