Sunday, March 15, 2015

Insomnia at 8 weeks

I heard my breeder tell Kathy and Stephen that we, (us Rottweilers), are schedule oriented. Stephen and Kathy thought about calling Trey, (Kathy's littermate), and Ali, (his main squeeze), for advice. Trey and Ali did an incredible job of raising their pups on a schedule. Stephen and Kathy felt they could help our pack with their experiences.

Here we are at 8 weeks and one day after I was born and I could not fall asleep tonight. Finally at 10:30 PM Kathy just picked me up and put me in that hated box. I howled, I scratched, but no one came to my rescue. After 20 minutes of my best histrionics, Stephen started singing. That boy has no rhythm, he does not have a sense of pitch, he does not remember all the words in a song, but somehow it relaxes me. I was asleep five minutes later.

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