Saturday, March 14, 2015

My trip to the vet

After Stephen and Kathy had been told I had ear mites, they called around to find a vet. They got me an appointment at 11:30 at Timber Ridge Animal Hospital. The people were very friendly, but the things they did to me are beyond belief.

The nurse checked my temperature. Do you know how they do that? There must be another way!

Then the doctor came in, Ronald R LaVigne, DVM. He was clearly pretty sharp, but he didn't cut me any slack. He looked in my ears, yup there are ear mites he said. The he sent me down the hall to have them irrigated. He asked, "Did you get a lot washed out?" "No", said the nurse. "Do it again", Dr. LaVigne said. Great. The doctor told Stephen and Kathy that was the worst infection he had seen in his 24 years of practice, I just smiled with that classic Rottweiler smile, go big or go home and trust me when I tell you I am going big. As I was leaving the doctor told me, "come back in about ten days and we will see how you are doing, and we can give you your next set of shots". Needles? I hate needles, they must think I am a junkie.

On the examination table; it gets worse.

When we were finally done, Stephen and Kathy were talking about getting a second crate to put upstairs so I can be with them. If men are a dog's best friend, why are they so obsessed in putting me in a locked confined container? On the way home, my bladder started to go out of control, I gave the red alert and Kathy managed to pull over at a Therapy Center. All I know to say is the experience was very therapeutic.

We made it home in time for lunch. Stephen was feeding me. First he measured the food, then at first he did that silly one kibble at a time thing, but as soon as Kathy was upstairs, he tossed a big handful in my bowl. Gosh, I love Hoovering kibbles. I met an Irish Setter once that claimed to have been from a big litter, if you didn't get your food fast enough, you went without. I nodded politely, but trust me, it is the same with us Germans. Dogs are the same everywhere.

Turns out, Stephen and Kathy were serious about that second crate. I do not like the idea, not at all, but I am trying to be philosophical. As the famous Chow Hound Dick Loveescape said to his best bitch, Althea, from the Dog Pound:
“Stone walls do not a pound make,
Nor iron bars a crate;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an hermitage;
If I have freedom from the fleas
And in my soul am dominant,
Show dogs alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty.”

Good news is that we had a great road trip. Stephen and Kathy are not perfect, but they love road trips. They haven't let me stick my head out of the window yet, but I know that great day is coming. We purchased a brand new prison, er, uh, crate at the Auburn Humane Society thrift store. Stephen also purchased a chew toy which he thinks is a large hand carved spoon.

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