Sunday, March 15, 2015


Today was not the best day of my short little life. I had a few mishaps in my crate, which made for a long night and two showers, (though the toweling to get me dry by Kathy is to die for). Then Stephen and Kathy left for church. When they got back and my crate was clean they praised me and offered me a treat. Of course since I am an 8 week old puppy, I had no idea why they gave me the treat, but hey, any treat is a good treat.

This afternoon Stephen wasn't around much. He was cooking for Stephen and Kathy's church small group. What's a small group? I got to smell the Turkey meatball Creole style Fricasee, but they wouldn't let me have any. Something about Creole and puppies don't mix. What's a Creole?

Then they left me alone in my crate again for small group. They told me that they did not stay the entire time, but I had another mishap. They are getting quite skilled at cleaning up. One, Stephen usually, cleans my crate and the other, Kathy usually showers with me.

Tonight, I had the best play session since I have been at my forever home. Stephen has an eye for chew toys and they rotate them for me. Of course you and I know that soon, they are going to put me in my crate for a long winters nap. Don't worry though, in the immortal words of Wendy the Bully Whippet,  "I'll be back".

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