Monday, March 30, 2015

Lilly as done by Pink Martini

Stephen was listening to music today. He had found the third generation of Von Trapp Family Singers and was pretty impressed. Actually, I was too. Stephen has introduced me to a number of styles of music, Kathy too, she played REO Speedwagon for me last night. Have you ever had a song keep playing in your head? Keep on loving you just went around and around again.

They did a few songs as guest members of the mini-orchestra Pink Martini. The Von Trapps have very tight harmonies, very tight timing and are not afraid to have fun with it. What, you didn't know dogs had musicality? Pretty much the entire animal kingdom does. Here are some gifted animals playing Fever with Rita Moreno.

Whoops, Stephen just told me those aren't really animals. Well these dogs certainly are. Where was I? While Stephen was out of the room, I played Lilly by Pink Martini.

Lilly comes when you stop to call her
Lilly runs when you look away

Lilly leaves kisses on your collar ....

Oh dear that is all I can remember, I think my brain still needs to grow. This afternoon after Stephen was done working he took Kathy and myself to the lake. WOW, that is the biggest water bowl I have ever seen. I can't drink lakewater until I have yet another set of shots. So they hooked a cable to a cherry tree far enough away from the lake. They were pulling the branches off the ground that mess up Stephen's weedwacker and piled them up for burning some day when there is a light rain. I helped by running around, chewing up weeds, and digging. Maybe when I am older I can do more, but for now it is time to lay me down to rest.

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