Friday, March 20, 2015

Stephen is sitting on my new chew toy

Since I have not been eating much, when Stephen and Kathy went to the vet to get my replacement medicine, (they had to mix some water with my kibbles to absorb the medicine and I only eat dry kibbles), they got another high quality large breed puppy food brand.

We do not know if it is the new food or a side effect of the medicine, but this was a rough morning, I threw up in my prison, er, uh,  crate twice. Stephen is pretty chilled about crate accidents, he has both hot and cold water on the back lanai, so he just turns on the hot water and washes everything down. Since I have parasites and the water washes down into the strawberries, there will not be any fresh homegrown strawberries this year, but it is a small price to pay for stress free cleaning. I love the hose, that water tastes better than the water in my bowl and the brass nozzle is a great chew toy.

Kathy is out right now getting roof racks put on the Chevy Cruze. That gives us a way to transport my prison, er, uh, crate for longer roadtrips. No, they are not going to put me in a crate strapped to the roof, they have ordered seat covers for the rear seat. Why they think I am going to stay in the back of the car is beyond me.

Since Kathy is out, I am up in the office with Stephen, that gives me a good chance to catch up on my blog. When I am not on the computer, I like to lay under Stephen's office chair. And who knew, it is the best chew toy! The metal supports are fun to chew on though they are a bit big for me. But my favorite is the plastic knob on the arm that raises and lowers the seat. I heard Stephen tell Kathy not to worry about it to much, they got the chair from Costco and they probably have plenty more. What's a Costco?

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