Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stephen is remodeling my bathroom

The puppy books often suggest that you teach your young canine to use a certain section of the yard to go potty as opposed surprises all over the yard. When I first got to my forever home, they took me straight to my appointed spot.

Oh that was fun, there were pinecones, roots and sticks to play with a veritable cornucopia of chew toys. After I did my business, Stephen flushed the toilet by taking a WinCo bag and removing what I deposited. Then Kathy and I went inside. Stephen, the fun killer, took a leaf blower and blew away most of my bathroom chewtoys.

To make up for his atrocious behavior, he spread out a bunch of cedar chips. Boy did that remind me of home. We got fresh chips every couple of days in the whelping box. In my short life I have experienced a few luxuries, but so far, nothing comes close to fresh cedar chips on the heated tile floor at King Rottweilers. So you can understand why I thought he wanted me to lay down on the chips and chew a few of them for good measure; I just wish Stephen and Kathy would supply dip for the chips. And then the rain came.

Not to diss the Seattle area, but Spokane had a much more pleasant climate and no puppy in his right mind wants to lay down on a pile of wet cold chips. Also, you learn in littergarten to dig a hole before doing your business. Then I would leave these cute mud pawprints on Stephen and Kathy's lanai. They would have to wash my paws before I came into the house.

Stephen bought a bag of pea gravel, the nice rounded kind from streams and also just rock chips. He wanted to see if that would help with the mud. After he took this picture he changed one more thing that I am not sure I approve of. He removed the extend-a-chewtoy and replaced it with a plastic coated steel able. I can still chew on it don't worry, but it is harder to really get some air when leaping.

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