Monday, March 23, 2015

Exchanging PeeMail with Monty

I haven't met Monty yet, we have to wait until we both have completed our vaccinations. I get my third round this Wednesday at Timber Ridge Animal Hospital and then after 24 hours I can meet puppies that are up to date in their vaccinations. In the meantime I am confined to canine social media.

I spend most of my time on LeadIn, it is less chatty than Snoutbook or Tinkle. Since I am destined to become a service dog, it makes sense to build my network of professional connections.

Monty is a puppy, a little older than me and he lives near by. Since Stephen and Kathy know Tim, Sue and Josh, it is likely the two of us will get to meet in real life. Monty is a labrador retriever. I realize some canines feel it is important to stick to your breed; I don't. For one thing, for about half the year I will be living in Hawaii and AKC registered breeds are a serious minority there, we are all hapa 'llios. Stephen can relate, he attended public school there. When the teacher asked a question, everyone would stay silent. The unwritten code was, we are all going to be uneducated surfers, right bro? Also, for the nine weeks I have been on this earth, I have observed that dogs will be dogs regardless of breed, which brings us back to Monty.

I had two crate mishaps last night. One wasn't my fault, Stephen and Kathy were cuddling like litter mates and when I tried to tell them to let me go outside to my bathroom, Stephen just told Kathy, "I'll clean the crate".  I was so sad, it is raining, AGAIN, and I did not want another baptism, er, uh, shower. When Stephen and Kathy finally went to sleep, I borrowed Stephen's iPhone and told my tail[sic] of woe. Monty commented on my post. "Yogi, I know just how you feel. I had a mishap yesterday. I got to the door, but could not open it. But then Josh came to the door without his paw protectors on and stepped in it; no fun for anyone. Good thing I am so cute!" Monty sounds like a fine upstanding canine, so I am sending him a pack invite on LeadIn. I know LeadIn says not to invite anyone you haven't sniffed in real life, but I want to get going and don't intend to wait till I am 12 weeks which is 84 weeks in dog time and something close to a million in puppy time. Did I mention I have the attention span of a gnat?

Monty accepted my pack invite and I just checked out his profile. Good looking guy.

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